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When to Suggest to Your Clients Order Extra Flowers for Weddings: Boutonnières and Buttonholes

Succulent Wedding Boutonnieres for Grooms
Flower Duet will make more than one boutonniere for a groom if the flower is fragile and there is a lot of time between the “first look” and ceremony.

We often create more than one boutonnière for weddings even if the couple has not ordered more than the requisite groom boutonnière. Often, when pre-ceremony photos take place many hours prior to ceremonies, a boutonnière is getting quite a workout from hugs, embraces, pinning and re-pinning for the photographer, that by the time the ceremony takes place, the flower on that boutonniere might need a bit of a refresh. Our suggestion would be to order an extra boutonnière that the florist creates to be delivered closer to the ceremony or kept fresh for the ceremony. Tips on keeping boutonnières fresh:

  • Keep out of the sun or heat
  • Keep the touching of the flowers to a minimum
  • Don’t pin a boutonnière on through the flower or featured greenery as this will hurt the integrity of the flower and cause it to wilt faster.
  • Pin the boutonnière onto lapels through the stem portion of the structure.

We’ll also sometimes create boutonnières on the spot at a wedding when someone forgets an usher or the ring bearer. So sometimes, we’ll make extra and bring them to the wedding just in case. This is always appreciated by the wedding planner and wedding couple!

We offer a tutorial on how to create a boutonnière on our website as well as an article on how to choose the best flowers for these types of personal flowers that need to look well out of water. Learn more about boutonnieres on our website at